Welcome to the world of FRG! For those who haven’t heard of FRG it all started around 6 months ago with the APL asking all 13 Clubs to gather together a group so that fans could be formally engaged in consulting directly with the APL.

Hence the Fan Representative Group idea was born. Each group has an elected chairman who will sit in at regular meetings with the APL and other stakeholders which is known as the LFRG – League Fan Representation Group.

Our FRG group was formed after CCM called for nominations and 12 members were subsequently appointed with equal representation from the Official Supporters Club, Yellow Army and the general fan base.

Our first meeting was held in October at which we elected our chairperson and discussed what our ideals are and how best to get our views across to the APL.


Erin Morrow (Chairperson)
Foundation member, Pod Cast Crew, face of the Loose Cannon.

Mark Leadbeatter
Mariners member and chairperson of OSC for many years. Passionate advocate for Australian Football.

Pete Prior
Voice of the Mariners game day, YA, Podcast Crew.

Jo Chondroyiannis
Member and Treasurer/Memberships OSC since its foundation, super hoarder of all things CCM.

Phil James
Member of active support since foundation, Podcast Crew.

Adrian McCay
CCM Fans Forum creator and administrator.

Sara Phillips
Vocal fan and driving force behind Erina Fair involvement with CCM this season.

Gabby Bowles
Local footballer of 30 years, former CCM staff member and local club volunteer.

Lliam Worthington
Central Coast business owner. Internationally accredited karate coach. Long time contributor to CCM Fans Forum.

Josef Nalevansky
CEO software business based in Gosford with a decade in sports entertainment experience in the US.

Colin Phelps
Member and Web Master for the OSC.

Luke Boyce-Taylor
Foundation member, Podcast Crew, often shouting in Bay 16.

All CCM FRG members are volunteering their time and energies to represent you, the CCM fan base.

Our primary task is consulting with the wider fan base on matters relating to the A-League competitions and presenting these views with the other Club representatives, APL and other stake holders at these formal meetings.

This is your opportunity to have a voice for the constructive improvement and strengthening of the A-Leagues.

The CCM FRG has worked with APL to create a fan feedback form which will be used to gather information and feedback from fans on various matters affecting the game and fan experience.

For this process to be successful, we seek constructive feedback from fans, via the form, so that any items can be reviewed and raised at the LFRG meeting. Please note that ONLY feedback submitted via the form, pertaining to the A-League, will be considered. All CCM FRG members volunteer their time and it is important to use the appropriate channel to raise matters so that time can be used productively.

Types of matter to consider (including but not limited to) could be timing of games, pricing of finals tickets, promotion of the game, etc.

Central Coast Mariners, the OSC and other fan groups (Yellow Army, Fan Forum, etc) have committed to making the form available throughout the season and the CCM FRG have the ability to update the form should new topics of interest/consultation arise.

The A-Leagues cannot exist without fans so this is your chance to be heard on matters that are important to you. The creation and formalisation of fan groups being able to report directly to the APL is a significant acknowledgement of this so please seize this opportunity to contribute. Please share the link far and wide and get your friends and family on board, as the more voices heard the better.

While it is in its early stages, your ongoing support and contributions will ensure improved outcomes for the game and fan experience. Exciting times ahead as together we help to grow the national competition.

To provide your feedback via the form, click here!!!.

We look forward to hearing from you.