As mentioned in emails and the latest Crew Update, CCMOSC is underway with a fundraising effort to build a miniture galleon to mount the Cannon into.


Come down to Palm Tree Parade before every game and see what pre-game activities are happening as part of this fundraising.  Fundraising will also be done at other Mariners events where the OSC will be present.

Popular with the kids is "Kick a Connonball through the Porthole".  Gold coin donation gives them five shots.  The most shots through the portholes over the season gets the chance to press the button to fire the cannon for the first time after it is placed in the galleon.


The money raised so far is made up from:

  • Raffles Takings ($1,306.00)
  • Kick a Cannonball Donations ($676.00)
  • 100 Club Takings ($175.00)
  • OSC Member Donations ($120.00)

 Total monies raised are $2,277.00.