If you have any questions regarding membership of the CCMOSC you may find an answer below.

What are the Club's objectives?

To represent the interests of Mariners fans and build support for the Mariners Football Club, to give you a voice and allow you to connect and socialise with other Mariners fans.

We are currently working to provide the following for our members:

 A small range of exclusive merchandise to support the team

 Travel advice and coordination for away games, pre-match venues and ticketing

 A range of community and social events

Why do I have to pay?

We have certain administrative costs that need to be met such as insurance and it gives us the opportunity to provide something to show that you belong including a membership card and a members gift which changes every season.

The Supporters Club will essentially function as a 'not-for-profit' organisation – our efforts will be focussed on improving match day attendances, the fan experience, exclusive social events and improving the benefits available to members.

What do I get for my membership?

Your membership pack will include a membership card and members gift, which changes every year, you will receive exclusive offers from our Partners and access to discounted Supporters Club merchandise and events organised by CCMOSC.

You will continue to receive regular updates regarding the Football Club and the Supporters Club including events and news. You will also have the opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions on the Supporters Club and through the Supporters Club to the Football Club. Our aim is to continue to work as a conduit between the support base and the Mariners to ensure your ideas and views are

What if I choose not to pay?

Unfortunately you will not be entitled to the benefits detailed above and as such we will no longer issue email updates and notifications of news, events and offers. 

What is the process to join?

To become a financial member you:

 are required to complete a membership form by either online or on paper

 return the signed membership form to CCMOSC if doing so on paper

 please note that ID will need to be sighted 
before a membership card can be issued

 pay the appropriate membership fee (your membership card cannot be processed until payment is confirmed)

Our membership form is available electronically or in hardcopy at Supporters Club and nominated Mariners events. The form can be returned electronically via email, in person or via post. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, direct deposit or at any Newcastle Permanent branch. Please ensure that payments made directly to our account include your name as a Reference so we can attribute payment to your application. To ease our administrative duties we prefer that payment is not made via cheque (due to delays and processing fees) and unfortunately we are unable to offer credit card payment as an option at this time.

Although applications may be submitted electronically it is still necessary to show your ID when picking up your card. Once we have processed your membership, your card will be available for collection at CCMOSC or advertised Mariners events (interstate or overseas members please contact us to discuss options).

Can I pay my membership at the Mariners office?

 No.  Although this has been possible in previous years, it is not possible for the coming year.

Can I purchase an OSC membership when i purchase a Mariners membership? 

No.  An OSC Membership must be purchased directly from the OSC.

How long is my membership valid?

The membership year is from 1st January until 31st December. As memberships open October 1st,your membership will be valid from that date until December 31st the following year (up to 15 months for the first year only).

How and when will Member's packs and membership cards be distributed?

You can pick up your membership packs and cards at all home games before kick off along Dane Drive. We will have a Marquee and signage to help you find us. You will also be able to pick them up at OSC functions and other events when advertised.

Can I pick up Member's packs and membership cards for family and friends?

No.  We need that you pick up your own pack and membership card in person as you will need to identify yourself with some form of recognised identification.  Please don't risk offence by asking for exceptions to be made. Although we may have viewed your ID previously (upon application) we ask that for administrative consistency and simplicity that you follow the same protocol when picking up
items in your name. If you are part of a family group with Youth members we ask that you contact us to allow these to be packaged together.

Does membership make me part of the Yellow Army and/or require me to move to Bay 16 and join the 'active support'?

No, there is no obligation to become part of the Yellow Army. However as an integral part of the support of the Mariners we encourage those so inclined to join the Yellow Army and improve the match day atmosphere.  Of course we encourage all fans to participate in creating or adding to this atmosphere regardless but you are under no obligation to do so.

The Yellow Army and Official Supporters Club are separate groups. The Yellow Army is, however, represented by the Committee of the Supporters Club – we aim to work collaboratively to build the match day experience together for all fans.

The membership form doesn't work, what do I do?

The membership form was created as an editable pdf. You should be able to input your details on the computer – if this is not working you may need to update your Adobe software.

Alternatively you can print, complete and bring your form to CCMOSC and advertised events where we will also have hard copy forms available to be completed. You could also post your application to our PO Box (listed on the application form).

Who are our Partners and what are they offering?

We hope to build on this year to year but our Partners will be publicised as a separate mailing to provide the appropriate exposure. Our separate Partners mailings will advise what services our Partners offer, any exclusive member offers and how to obtain benefit from these offers.

Is there anything else?

If this FAQ does not address your queries or concerns, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will try to help. We are always open to feedback – that is why we are here!