The CCMOSC has been working in the background since August 2012 to provide an officially recognised link between you the fans and the club you love. In 2013 the group was officially endorsed by the Mariners and in August held its inaugural AGM. The first year committee was elected at this meeting and worked away on plans to help make 2013 our best fan experience season yet.

The CCMOSC has been set up to offer fans a traditional supporters club. The Yellow Army is the club's active support group and will continue to be so. We are working with them to ensure they grow. We are about every fan from the youngest to the oldest and from the quietest to the loudest. We are about including you all in working with the club to do everything in our collective powers to make our club the greatest it can be.

Here's what Central Coast Mariners Majority Owner, Mike Charlesworth had to say about the OSC:-

"Our Club is built on community engagement and we see the Official Supporters Club as a crucial part of our efforts to connect with our fan base. We fully endorse their efforts and hope that they will continue to grow as we do. People ought to understand that the Official Supporters Club is made up of a wide variety of fans and is not an active support group. The Official Supporters Club is founded on the concept of gathering feedback from fans to return to the Club so we can improve all Club experiences."